MERKEL, TX – Police have arrested two men in connection to multiple motor vehicle burglaries and one vehicle theft in Merkel.

Garry Lee Kennedy, 26, and Anson Joe Booker, 42, were arrested and charged on Wednesday for the thefts.

Police told KTXS they had responded to 15 reports of burglary of a vehicle and one report for theft of a motor vehicle as of 4 p.m. on Sunday. A debit card was also taken from one of the victims and used at multiple locations in Abilene.

Kennedy has been charged with third-degree theft of a firearm, and a third-degree felony theft of property $2,500-$30,000. In addition, he is facing 15 counts of a Class A misdemeanor burglary of vehicle, and a third-degree felony for credit/debit card abuse.

Booker, who was already in custody at the Taylor County Jail for unrelated parole violations charges, was issued 15 counts of Class A misdemeanor burglary of a vehicle, and third-degree felony theft $2,500-$30,000.

Merkel Police Department (MPD) confirmed that authorities were able to recover numerous stolen items at several residences in Abilene. The Abilene Police Department assisted Merkel police in the case.  

MPD told local news agencies that the investigation is ongoing as there are still several items needing to be recovered.

Those with information on the burglaries are being encouraged to contact the Merkel Police Department at (325) 928-4766.

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