A Burke County teenager accused of supporting ISIS will be sentenced in federal court Tuesday morning following is arrest in 2015.

According to investigators, Justin Sullivan, who was still a teenager at the time of his arrest, was planning to buy an assault rifle from a local gun show and slaughter at least 1,000 people during a concert. 

Sullivan’s father, a retired Marine, was the one that tipped investigators off about his son’s suspicious behavior. 

The Department of Justice says that Sullivan was communicating with an undercover agent and told the agent that he planned “minor assassinations to get ready for the major attack.”

The DOJ believes that Sullivan went through with a least on of those assassinations. He is suspected of killing his neighbor, John Clark, 74, and burying him in a shallow grave.  

Tuesday’s sentencing surrounds the terrorism charges. Sullivan faces life in prison. He’ll later stand trial for the murder charges where he could face the death penalty. 

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