TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The suspect of the alleged steamy chat case Rizieq Syihab celebrated Eid al-Fitr in Tarim, Yemen, with his relatives. Tarim is known as the city of Islamic scholars in the country.

“There are many infamous shaikhs and ulema there,” Rizieq’s lawyer Kapitra Ampera told Tempo Tuesday, June 27.

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Kapitra said Rizieq was already in Tarim since the end of Ramadan. Rizieq Syihab spent his time in Yemen for six days with his family. The Islamic Defender Front (FPI) leader is planned to leave for Saudi Arabia tomorrow.

According to Kapitra, the Eid or lebaran days in Yemen is different from the Eid days in Saudi Arabia where the festivity would be centered on the first day. He said on the second day of Eid, the Saudi Arabian would start the Shawwal fasting for the next six-day.

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In Yemen, Rizieq also met with his child and child-in-law, as well as his teachers and the ulemas in Tarim. “All of them gather there; a full team,” Karpitra said.

However, he cannot confirm when will Rizieq return to Indonesia though he said he would be ready to pick Rizieq up once he arrived.

Polisi named Rizieq Syihab a suspect at the allegation of pornographic chats with Firza Husein.

Rizieq has failed to attend police’s summonses regarding the case and has been listed on the most wanted people.


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