The Donald Trump Election Brag Tracker.

How long has it been since the president reminded us of his “massive landslide victory”?

President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump arrives for a rally on June 21, 2017 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Trump spoke about renegotiating NAFTA and building a border wall that would produce solar power during the rally.

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When Donald Trump chatted with three Reuters reporters in April, he handed each of them a map memorializing his win over Hillary Clinton. “It’s pretty good, right?” the president asked before adding, “The red is obviously us.” This was not an outlier. Trump also bragged about his election victory at a Republican Party retreat in Philadelphia days after the inauguration, during an appearance with the president of Romania, and in response to a question about anti-Semitism.

Slate’s Donald Trump Election Brag Tracker keeps a close watch on the president’s penchant for praising his own remarkable performance in the 2016 election, a contest in which he lost the popular vote.

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