Global Hospitals, a multi super specialty tertiary care hospital has successfully performed the first stage hip bone correction surgery on a 4 yr old survivor from Yemen war; who was brought to India for treatment after being injured by a bullet on her hip bone. The incident took place two months ago when the kid, Dhai Mohammed was struck with bullets while playing near her house. 3 bullets were removed in Yemen at a local hospital but the one in her hip left her bedbound. The primary focus of the doctor is to make her walk since she’s at a very tender age. Her condition has been deteriorating in the past couple of months for which Global Hospitals would now be treating her for her hip bone correction surgery. Now after the first surgery, she will be under extensive physiotherapy which would enable her to slowly start walking with the help of a walker. She would undergo a few more surgeries after a few years which would help her recover completely from the injury.

DrAtulBhaskar, Pediatric Orthopedics, Global Hospitals, Mumbai,said, “It’s very unfortunate to see such a small child struggling through her pain to walk. Her condition was worsening due to lack of basic treatment at the initial stage. We’ve already performed the primary surgery to align the leg and subsequently she will need further surgery to improve her leg further. ” ManpreetSohal, Regional CEO, Global Hospitals, said, “I express deep concern towards this child and her pain. It was terrific the way the condition in which the family approached us not knowing who to go to. We will ensure to provide complete support and best in quality care to the child in order to have her walking through it all with the help of our team of experts.” (Read: Global Hospitals launches a heart failure clinic for people with cardiovascular disease)

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Published: June 28, 2017 11:02 am

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