There is no shortage of good things about the X3000R 4K action camera. First and foremost among its better qualities though is the BOSS system we mentioned above and how it interacts with the camera in recording high quality, highly stable video at all resolutions, even 4K.

Balanced Optical Image Stabilization in the X3000R is definitely the action camera’s most winning feature. It creates a level of footage quality that’s far superior to the reprocessed video created by electronic image stabilization technologies and recording with BOSS activated is even possible in 4K resolution, which is something that pleasantly surprised us in the X3000R. This is not something we’d previously seen in other Sony camcorders like the FDR X1000V, in which optical image stabilization only worked in 1080p resolution at a maximum.

Furthermore, the quality created by BOSS is definitely above average by the standards not just of action cameras but also many other larger 4K video recorders we’ve seen. Footage captured while riding in a car along very bumpy dirt roads or while using the camera in many other high movement situations creates a notably superior video quality in comparison to what you’d get from using many other action camera models without this optical lens stabilization technology.

We also definitely like the characteristics of the X3000R’s physical design. Instead of following the general trend towards GoPro Hero-like cube action camera build, the Sony camera looks much more like a very tiny camcorder, with an elongated body and lens pointing the way at its front. While it’s debatable which of these design trends is better for action video recording in the field, the presence of the X3000R and its similarly shaped cousins at least introduces some variety to the market. In addition to this, Sony has made a few positive design changes from what we saw in the X1000V which precedes the X3000R. Most important among these is the placement of all connectivity ports for HDMI, USB etc at the back of the camera instead of along its side. This is definitely a more practical location for them and makes using the camera while it’s connected to cables much easier.

Furthermore, the X3000R is larger than many of its Full HD action camera cousins from Sony but it’s still one very light and compact camera and Sony has given it the added benefit of IPX4-level water resistance for safe use under very wet conditions. For more serious and fully submerged use in lower ocean/lake depths, there is the waterproof case for the X3000R, which is good for immersion down to 60 meters (200 feet) and which Sony was kind enough to include as part of the camera package. On the other hand, the waterproof case does add a fair bit of extra bulk to this relatively small Sony action camera.

As for the X3000R’s recording qualities, we definitely love the video and photo recording chop of the X3000R. This camera definitely gives other action shooters on the market a run for their money in terms of output quality for both photos and footage and its Zeiss Tessar multicoated lens combines with a ½.5 inch 16:9 Exmor R CMOS sensor with 8.2 megapixel resolution for some great 4K video that creates a much lighter “fish-eye” effect in photos and video than is the case in many other cameras. The field of view sits at 17mm with 4K recording and can be shrunk down still further in 1080p Full HD recording. 4K recording can be done at a respectable 30fps with 25 and 24fps options for more cinematic looking ultra HD video and 1080p recording is possible at 120fps, which is definitely fast enough for most users and for slow motion video production as well. Best of all, the BOSS system works at all of these settings.

Finally, Sony has added in an updated Live-View Remote for the X3000R as a cool extra feature. This little device, which can be attached to the camera or detached for remote use (as its name implies) lets you watch what you’re shooting even if the recording itself is being done at very odd angles or in cramped positions where the camera had to be wedged into a tight space. Since there’s no video display on the X3000 in any case, the Live-View Remote is sort of essential and in this latest Sony action camera model, this little device is fully 30% smaller and lighter than was previously the case in older camera remotes.

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